AMA Distinguished Service Award

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AMA Distinguished Service Award ( formerly AMA Service Merit Award)

2023 Winners

  • Richard Blurton   MAWA
  • Phil Urquhart   VMA
  • Clyde Riddoch  VMA

The AMA Service Merit Award was presented most year from it’s inception in 1995. After discussion at the 2019 AGM and subsequent Board Meetings the award has been renamed ‘Service Merit Award’, Recipients are most likely to have volunteered, coached, officiated, been committee members and so forth but don’t yet meet Hall of Fame criteria.

Any registered member can nominate another member.   The nomination should include verification from a state/territory body that the service statement is accurate.

Nominations close 31st January each year with inductees announced at the AMA National Championships that year. See the criteria and nomination form for further information


AMA Service Merit Award Criteria

AMA Service Merit Awards Winners 2020+

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