WMA Press Release 07/10/2020

WMA Press Release 07/10/2020 – WMA President Margit Jungmann

Dear WMA Members, dear athletes, dear Masters Family!

In May we informed that Tampere (FIN) was interested in organising WMA Championships in 2021 and that EMA accepted this change as they were preparing the postponed indoor championship in Braga in the beginning of next year.
Some decisions have been taken recently:

1.) EMA and Braga LOC now agreed that this indoor championship has to be reduced to only outdoor events in 2021 because of the unknown pandemic situation for indoor athletics. The date will be 24th – 28th March 2021. EMACI 2020/2021 in Braga will be postponed depending on the international calendar.

2.) As the situation due to Covid19 is still very concerning all over the world with the second wave going around during the following negotiations, our possible host had a lot of doubts whether it would be possible to held any championship in July 2021. After long, hard and fair discussions the WMA and Tampere LOC have now finally agreed to go for WMAC 2021 in Tampere. To share the risk for the partners and also to protect the athletes, we agreed to have a deadline for the final decision.

It will be taken on the 15th of January 2021 depending on the situation at that moment. So, registration will not open before the end of January and WMA recommends not starting personal organisational preparations before that date.

This was the only way to give athletes a world championship in 2021. The Edmonton LOC informed WMA that due to Covid19 and travel restrictions, the WMA Indoors will not be allowed to take place in Spring 2021.

Details on the dates of competition and General Assembly will be published soon. The Tampere LOC and the WMA Competition team under the responsibility of our VP Brian Keaveney are preparing the schedule.

Margit Jungmann
WMA President