Throws Championship Winners

This championship is held between the age-group winners of a selected throwing event on a rotation basis each year at the Australian Championships. Competitors are handicapped according to their performance in their age-group event, and throw their own implement weight.    Past winners of the Throws Champions event have been:

Year Event Men Women
1999 Javelin Peter O’Brien (M30) ACT Mary Thomas (W50) NSW
2000 Discus James Davis (M65) Qld Chris Schultz (W45) Vic
2001 Hammer Ken Readwin (M60) Vic Marja-Leena Parvianen (W55) NSW
2002 Shot Put Ted Vickers (M80) Qld Mary Thomas (W55) NSW
2003 Weight Bob Banens (M50) ACT Raema McMillan (W75) WA
2004 Javelin Bob Watson (M60) NSW Mary Thomas (W55) NSW
2005 Discus Warren Evans (M30) Qld Lynne Smith (W30) NSW
2006 Hammer Graeme Rose (M60) Vic Tatiana Sudarikova (W30) NSW
2007 Shot Put Stuart Gyngell (M40) NSW Lisa Kirsch (W55) Tas
2008 Weight Graeme Rose (M65) Vic Raylea Rudov (W60) ACT
2009 Javelin Andrew Atkinson-Howatt (M50) NSW Mary Thomas (W60) NSW
2010 Discus Mark Hamilton (M35) WA Raema McMillan (W80) WA
2011 Hammer Peter Neale (M40) Vic Jill Taylor (W55) NSW
2012 Shot Put Keith James (M70) NSW Joanne Pronk (W55) Qld
2013 Weight Greg Urbanowicz (M30) WA Dorn Jenkins (W55) Vic
2014 Javelin Darrin Norwood (M34) QLD Cathy McKeown W44) TAS
2015  Discus  Jamie Muscat (M35) NSW  Mary Thomas (W70) NSW
2016 Hammer  Jim Davis (M80)WA  Gabi Watts (W50) NSW
2017 Shot put  Darrin Norwood (M35) QLD  Wilma Perkins (W65)  QLD