AMA National Championships Awards


Trophies presented annually for outstanding performances at the AMA National Championships. 

Brian Foley Award    –     Brian Foley Award Winners to 2024

The Brian Foley trophy is for the best age graded 800m or 1500m performance at the AMA National Championships was introduced in 2008 to mark the outstanding contribution to Masters Athletics by Brian Foley,  former AMA Secretary, who died suddenly in 2006 aged 61.

Royce Foley Award   –     Royce Foley Award Winners to 2024   

Royce Foley developed the concept of the Weight Pentathlon, which is now one of the most popular  events in masters athletics internationally. The award is presented to the highest scoring male and female Throws Pentathlete at the AMA National Championships,  An athlete may win this award only once in the same age group.

Sprint Championship  –   Age-Graded Sprint Champions to 2024

The Sprint Championship is a handicap race between the winners in each age group in the 100 metres sprint at the AMA National Championships. Handicapping is determined according to the graded handicap.

Throws Championship –   Throws Champion of Champions Winners 2024

This championship is held between the Australian male and female age-group winners of a selected throwing event on a rotation   basis each year at the AMA national Championships. Competitors are handicapped according to their  performance in their age-group event, and throw their own implement weight.  They can have three attempts only which have the handicap distance added on. The furthest distance wins.