Notice – refunds for 2020 AMA Championships

Dear Athlete

The local organising committee for the now cancelled Brisbane 2020 Australian Masters Athletics Championships has worked hard in the last week to negotiate exits from its contractual arrangements for the event. We are pleased to report that many businesses—despite their own hardships—have been very supportive of our non-for-profit and volunteer-run organisation and have generously agreed to cancel orders and accept losses. This has been very pleasing for us given that the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has indicated that businesses are not required under Australian law to reimburse or refund under situations when the government has imposed bans. This has meant that we have been able to significantly reduce our overall losses.
We are now in a financial position to provide a refund of registration, event entrance and social event fees, minus a $20 per athlete deficit-recovery fee. This means if your Championship fees were $200 we are able to refund $180. We have contracted a company to process these credit card reimbursements. Given the large number of registrations this reversal transaction may take some time to appear in your bank account. If you registered more than 3 months ago we will contact you separately to organise a bank transfer as credit card transactions are unable to be processed after this time.
We wish to thank everyone who offered to donate most or all of their registration costs however we do not have the resources to administer such a process. Your goodwill is heartening to the committee in these times.

Yours sincerely
Brian Key
C/- Local Organizing Committee
Brisbane 2020 AMA Championships