AMA AWARDS 2018 and Hall of fame 2019

Photo – Mens’ Champion of Champions Sprint Finalists

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

At the AMA Awards Dinner held in Melbourne on 27 April at the National Championships, Lynne Schickert and Mary Thomas were inducted as the 18th and 19th members of the Hall of Fame – Lynne as the 4th administrator and Mary as the 14th athlete.

2018 AMA Awards

Sprints/Hurdles Award 2018

Julie Brims

Middle Distance/Steeplechase Award 2018

Gillian Young

Distance Award 2018

Louisa Abram

Walks Award 2018

Heather Lee

Jumps Award 2018

Margaret Taylor

Throws Award 2018

Janice Banens

Multi Events/Relays Award 2018

Geoff Shaw

Most Outstanding Male Athlete 2018

David Carr

Most Outstanding Female Athlete 2018

Lyn Ventris

Most Outstanding Individual Performance 2018

George White

Administration Award 2018

Barbara Blurton

Special recognition Award –  Presented 2019

Wilma Perkins for ‘Outstanding Service to AMA’